Nikon D810 World’s Sharpest DSLR – KenRockwell Review

Nikon D810 World’s Sharpest DSLR – KenRockwell Review

Nikon D810I’m really impressed with my Nikon D810. Unlike most “new” cameras that are pretty much the same as last year’s models, my D810 is significantly better than my old D800e. It’s also about an ounce (30g) lighter.

I’m impressed because it’s sharper, and mostly because it’s much smoother, faster and quieter than the old D800 and D800e. The D810 astounds me with how well it can handle multiple assignments, from ultra-high resolution gallery and fine art production, botanical field work and scientific record-keeping, military reconnaissance and industrial espionage to family, portraits and fast action — and it works astounding well down into the dark with autofocus that’s fast and sure in dimmer light than I can see. It’s also super-clean at insanely high ISOs.

The Nikon D810 is the world’s highest technical image quality DSLR. The only way to get higher technical quality is to pay as much as a new Mercedes for a clumsy medium-format camera, and even then it’s not clear that it would be any better — and the D810 is far smaller, lighter, faster and quieter. You can shoot anything, anywhere on the D810, while if I gave you a $50,000 medium format system for free you still wouldn’t want to lug it around or deal with its slow speeds and balky prima-donna handling.

The old D800 and D800e had more resolution than any other full-frame DSLR by a large margin, but were too slow for just about anything, Now the D810 is much faster and quieter with the same resolution and more sharpness, and may also be used for sports, whoo hoo! In fact, why bother with the D4s when you can get the D4s’ AF performance with far higher resolution for half the price in the D810? Exactly!

No matter how you slice it, if gallery exhibition is your end product, no DSLR can make better images today than the Nikon D810 — and it now runs fast enough for action, too!


The D810 is the world’s highest technical performance DSLR ever for outdoor, nature, reconnaissance, landscape, espionage, intelligence gathering, fine art and many other kinds of precision high-resolution photography.

In fact, there may be talks of restricting its sale, or at least limiting its performance, as it now allows any unauthorized person to gather huge amounts of sensitive data in any light in both public and private places without being obvious. The D810 is an artist’s and forward observer’s dream, with 36 actionable megapixels at every near-silent shutter click from a normal-looking camera about which no one asks any questions.

On the other hand, the D810 gathers so much information due to its ultra-high resolution that it could be considered negligent to use anything else for medical and dental record keeping. There is so much information in D810 images that one can go back years later and see things that might not have been obvious at the time. Likewise, the D810 is great for aerial photography and documentation of large crowds and public spaces. You can go back later and see more detail if you need to than from any other camera.

The D810 has no anti-alias filter, allowing it to replace both the oldD800 and the D800e.

But wait: the D800e had no anti-aliasing filter, but still had an optical low-pass filter (OLPF) over its sensor. The D810 has no anti-alias and no OLPF either, for sharper images than either old camera.


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